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  •      溫州被形象地譽為“獨具山水情懷的國際商貿城市”。這片開放的熱土吸收吐納著中國最前沿的時尚氣息,釋放著獨具魅力的時尚活力。

        Wenzhou is reputed figuratively as the “international trading city with special affections of mountains and waters”. This piece of open land takes in the Chinese pioneering spirit of vogue and releases the vogue vitality with unique charms.

    甌風時尚 Wenzhou-style Vogues
    甌菜風味 Wenzhou Local Cuisine
    賓館飯店 Hotels and Restaurants

    ◎購物時尚 Vogues of Shopping
      溫州整個市區幾乎就是一個巨大的購物市場,有功能超強品牌云集的百貨商場,如 銀泰百貨世貿店, 開太百貨有限公司 , 時代廣場購物中心 , 歐洲城的 丹璐廣場 ,溫州一百家電市場,溫州一家體育商城; 而且大街小巷的商業空間都被充分利用, 女人街、五馬街等等,從服裝到小飾品應有盡有,是逛街購物的天堂。
      The urban area of Wenzhou is like a grand shoping centers. It boasts department stores with exceedingly strong functions and gathered famous brands, such as InTime Department Store (in World Trade Center), Kaitai Department Store, Times Square Shopping Center, D & L Mall (in European City), the Electrical Equipment Market of Wenzhou N0.1 Department Store and Wenzhou Yijia Sports Shopping Center. All the streets and lanes are also lined with big or small stores, which offer everything one could wish for, from clothes to small ornaments. Such streets as Wuma Pedestrian Street and Shamaohe Women’s Shopping Street are the best places for people to go window-shopping.

    ◎消費時尚 Vogues of Consumption
      The revitalization of economy and the development of culture bring the Wenzhou people different views of consumption. In recent years, the pattern of personal consumption in Wenzhou is undergoing dazzling changes. Improvement of housing, traffic ad telecommunications, medical and health care, children’s education, cultural amusement and holiday making and traveling all have become the focuses of consumption. The newly-built Jiangbin Road is crowned with the name of “Café and Bar Street”, leading the trend of the consumption vogues in Wenzhou.

    ◎文化時尚 Vogues of Culture
      隨著經濟文化的日益發展,溫州人更注重健康、高品質的生活,生活文化時尚的內涵也明顯加深。溫州人享受時尚同時更創造時尚。如美容美發、上網沖浪、品茗小聚、運動健身、文化娛樂等。還有 一些傳統的民俗活動也得到恢復和發揚,如節日攔街;顒、端午劃龍舟活動等,成為人們向往的傳統狂歡節日。
      As economy and culture develop day by day, the Wenzhou people attach greater importance to healthy and high-quality life and gain more profound knowledge of its cultural significance. While enjoying vogues, they further create various forms of vogues, such as facial beauty treatment, hair styling and surfing the internet. They have parties in restaurants, drink tea in teahouses, do fitness exercises and take part in cultural entertainment. Some traditional folk activities, such as the “Street Prayer” and rowing dragon boats, have also been renewed and developed, hence becoming traditional festival carnivals.

    溫州新聞網 2005.11
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