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  • 溫州基本情況 Basic Facts
    國民經濟和社會發展情況 National Economic and Social Development
    基礎設施 Infrastructure Facilities

    ◎經濟總量 Economic Aggregate
    In 2006, the city’s total output value reached 183.750 billion yuan.

    ◎工業 Industry
    In 2006, the city realized the total industrial output value of 413.613 billion yuan.

    ◎農業 Agriculture
    In 2006, the city’s total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery hit 11.136 billion yuan. Its per capita cultivated area came to 0.31 mu and annual grain output totaled 901.2 thousand tons.

    ◎商業 Domestic Trade
    In 2006, the city’s retail sales totaled 77.915 billion yuan.

    ◎財政 Financial Revenue
    In 2006, the total financial budgeted revenue hit 24.109 billion yuan.

    ◎金融 Financial Business
    At the end of 2006, the balance on deposit accounts of all financial institutions in the city had totaled 293.623 billion yuan, while the balance on lending accounts of domestic and foreign currencies was 223.347 billion yuan. The city now has 18 commercial banks.

    ◎投資 Financial Business
    In 2006, the city’s investment in social fixed assets reached 64.555 billion yuan.

    ◎電力 Electricity
    In 2006, the annual electricity consumption totaled 21.162 billion kilowatt/hours.

    ◎就業 Employment
    At the end of 2006, the number of the unemployed was 31,500 in the urban area, representing a registered unemployment rate of 2.5 percent.

    ◎保險 Insurance
    2006年各類保險機構全年保費收入 43.12 億元;支付各類賠款及給付 12.26 億元。
    In 2006, the annual premium revenue of all insurance institutions in the city totaled 4.312 billion yuan and the payment of all indemnities and compensations came to 1.226 billion yuan.

    ◎旅游 Tourism
    In 2006, the city received 18.4305 million domestic tourists and 253.3 thousand in-bound tourists.

    ◎城市居民人均可支配收入 Per Capita Dispensable Income of Urban Residents
    In 2006, the per capita dispensable income of urban residents reached 21,716 yuan.

    ◎農村居民人均純收入 Per Capita Net Income of Rural Residents
    In 2006, the per capita net income of rural residents stood at 7,543 yuan.


    溫州新聞網 2005.11
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