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  •     溫州鐘靈毓秀、人杰地靈。自古有生產和教育并重的“耕讀文化”,永嘉學派“義利并重”的思維方式和巧式手工生產的生存方式, 形成鮮明的溫州傳統人文特色。 改革開發的大潮讓溫州的人文傳統在新的歷史條件下煥發出強大的生命力,社會事業得到全面的發展。

         Wenzhou is a place propitious for giving birth to a galaxy of talented people. The Wenzhou people have inherited the ancient tradition of part-study and part-farming with equal emphasis on production and education. The thinking mode of “simultaneous development of honor and gains” advocated by the Yongjia School and the living way of being skillful in handwork formed the distinctive features of Wenzhou’s humanistic tradition. In the surging tide of reform and open-up, the humanistic tradition displays great vitality under new historical conditions. While developing the market economy, Wenzhou makes all round progress in social undertakings.

    教育和科技 Education and Science
    文化、藝術和新聞事業 Culture and Art, Press and Publication
    衛生和體育 Public Health and Sports
    歷史人物和歷史文物 Historical Personages and Cultural Relics
    民族和宗教 Ethnic Groups and Religions
    ◎教育事業 Education
       改革開放以來,溫州借助民間資金豐裕和市場機制靈活的區域經濟優勢,率先進行教育投資和辦學體制改革, 走出了一條政府為主、全社會辦教育的發展路子。全市現有各級各類學校3135所,在校生155.2萬人,教職工10.2萬人,教育人口占全省近五分之一。其中,普通高校6所,成人高校1所,遠程高教站點39個,職業學校102所,普通高中136所,初中344所,小學998所,特殊教育學校12所,幼兒園1536所。
       Since the implementation of the policy of reform and open-up, by means of the advantages of the regional economy with rich private capital and flexible market mechanism, Wenzhou has first carried out the reform of the systems for investment in education and running a school, blazing a path of undertaking educational work by all social forces with the government as the main body. The city now has 3,135 schools of different types with 1.552 million students and 102 thousand teachers and administrative staff, making up nearly one fifth of the provincial total educational population. Among them there are 6 regular institutions of higher learning, 1 adult higher learning institute, 39 corresponding higher learning stations, 102 secondary vocational schools, 136 regular senior middle schools, 344 junior middle schools, 998 primary schools, 12 special-education schools and 1,536 kindergartens.

    ◎科學技術事業 Science and Technology
       In 2006, 3.102 billion yuan was appropriated for the operation expenses of science and technology, an increase of 28.0 percent over the previous year, making up 1.69 percent of the city’s total output value, up 0.14 percentage point over 2005. In the same year the city proposed 46 items for the state “Torch Project”, amounting to 204 together with those proposed in the former years, and 22 for major new product projects. It won the state prize of technology advancement for one item of scientific and technological achievement.

    溫州新聞網 2005.11
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