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  •     民本是時代鑄就的溫州城市精神,體現了以人為本的科學發展和構建和諧社會的目標追求。 為了提高溫州居民的吃、住、行等生活條件,政府有關部門竭盡全力做好各項工作,推出和實施一系列事關民生的工程。

        People-orientation is the city spirit of Wenzhou cultivated in the new era, representing the scientific development of people foremost and the objective of constructing a harmonious society. In order to improve the living conditions of Wenzhou residents, like food, shelter and transport, the government departments concerned have tried their best to do good jobs in every field, putting forward and carrying out a series of projects of people’s livelihood.

    民生工程 Projects of People’s Livelihood
    新農村建設 New Rural Construction
    社會服務 Social Services

    ◎“五個一”民生工程 “Five One-Single” Projects of People’s Livelihood
        多年來,溫州市一直在努力 加快建設“一房一堤一路一環一網”,盡快緩解市民居住難、出行難等問題。
      “一房”   建設安置房工程。
      “一堤”   建設沿江防洪堤,打造溫州 城市景觀的新亮點和今后的“溫州外灘”。
      “一路”   完成甌海大道的主體工程。
      “一環”   形成市區東片交通環,打通卡口、延伸路線、形成環線,使其 “連通、連環、連網”。
      “一網”   完善地下排污管網的鋪設, 逐步形成“一城一網”。
         For years, Wenzhou has been working hard to build the project of “One House-One Dam-One Road-One Circle-One Network”, so as to ease the housing and traffic difficulties of the citizens.
         “One House”: building settlement houses.
         “One Dam”: building the flood dam along the river so as to construct a new spotlight of urban landscapes and the future “Bund of Wenzhou”.
         “One Road”: completing the construction of the main part of Ouhai Highway.
         “One Circle”: forming the traffic circle in the east area of the urban district through pulling down the blocks, extending the routes and building the circular tracks, so as to connect the roads and streets, join the circular tracks and develop into a traffic network.
         “One Network”: improving the laying of underground sewage disposal pipes so as gradually to achieve “one network for one city”.

    ◎“三沿”整治 Rectification and Improvement of “the Areas along the Railway, Expressway and State Highway”
         With the construction of the 4 industrial production bases in the neighborhood of the port, Wenzhou has built a new industrial system with petrochemical industry playing the leading role and shipbuilding industry, electronic export processing industry and port logistical industry developing at high speed. The industrial production bases of Damen and Xiaomen Islands are mainly composed of the reclaimed areas on the north sides of Damen and Xiaomen Islands, with the total planned area of 9.38 square kilometers. The bases are mainly to produce new chemical materials, organic materials and fine chemicals.

    溫州新聞網 2005.11
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