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  •     “ 這是一個善于分工也樂于使用合力的城市,一個喜歡以小見大更會以小搏大的城市,一個懂得無中生有的城市。她在創造價值的同時,也創造著生機勃勃的經濟模式。作為中國民營經濟的領跑者,她清晰的腳印讓人們感受到民間的力量和市場的力量。 ”   這是CCTV中國最具經濟活力城市評委會專家給溫州的評價。

         “It is a city which is not only good at division of work but ready to make a concerted effort, a city which is fond of discerning a question of major principle from minor issues and even more able to throw a sprat to catch a herring, and a city which knows how to create out of nothing. While making wealth, it creates vigorous economic mode. As a forerunner in Chinese non-public economy, it lets people experience the non-public and market strength through its distinct footprints.”
        This is a comment made about Wenzhou by experts of the Review Committee of the “2004 CCTV Chinese Most Vigorous Cities in Economy”.
        Looking back on the exciting years of reform, Wenzhou has ushered in the vigorous spring in economy. Based on the spirit of “daring to be pioneers with special ability for starting business”, the Wenzhou people have shown the world people their vigorous life and renewed vitality.
         Since reform and opening-up, Wenzhou has created a number of national firsts and blazed a path of vigorous development in economy.

    民營經濟 Non-public Economic Sectors
    市場體系 Market System
    創新城市 Innovative City
    對外開放 Opening to the outside world
    溫州商會 Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce


        In Wenzhou the non-public sectors account for 80.6 percent of the city’s overall economy. By the end of 2006, it had a total of 260,000 individual-owned industrial and commercial units. The non-public industrial enterprises numbered 139,300, accounting for 995 percent of the city’s total. Their gross industrial output value was 369.298 billion yuan, accounting for 89.3 percent of the city’s total. Of the 5,757 industrial enterprises with an annual sales volume exceeding 5 million yuan each, there were 3 among the Chinese 500 top enterprises and 33 among the national 500 top non-public enterprises.

    ▲ 1980年 頒發中國第一張“個體工商戶營業執照”
    ▲ 1980年 蒼南縣金鄉鎮信用社率先實行利率改革
    ▲ 1983年 創建“東方第一紐扣市場”的永嘉橋頭紐扣市場
    ▲ 1984年 由26個農民自愿入股創辦全國最早的股份合作制企業甌海登山鞋廠
    ▲ 1984年 集資興建中國第一座農民城----溫州龍港鎮
    ▲ 1986年 全國最早創辦由集體、個人集資入股的股份制城市信用社 —— 鹿城城市信用社和東風城市信用社
    ▲ 1987年 頒布第一個民營企業的地方性規章《溫州私人企業管理暫行辦法》
    ▲ 1987年 頒布第一個關于股份合作制的地方性規章《溫州市關于農村股份合作企業若干問題的暫行規定》
    ▲ 1988年 起草中國第一份股份合作制企業章程《橋墩門啤酒廠章程》
    ▲ 1991年 蒼南縣農民合股創辦以經營專線航班為主的全國首家航運包機公司
    ▲ 1991年 創辦第一個私人跨國農業公司 —— 美國明尼蘇達州的康龍農業開發有限公司
    ▲ 1992年 建設全國第一條股份制鐵路金溫鐵路
    ▲ 2003年 溫州煙具協會贏得中國加入WTO以后的第一個技術貿易壁壘案
    ▲ 2004年 聯合 9 家民企組建中國第一家無區域限制的民營財團——中瑞財團控股有限公司  
    ▲ 2004年 正泰集團作為民營企業第一個獲中國企業經營管理領域最高獎“全國質量管理獎”

    ▲ In 1980, the first “business license for individual-owned industrial and commercial business” was issued in Wenzhou.
    ▲ In 1980, the reform of interest rate was first implemented in Jinxiang Town Credit Cooperative of Cangnan County.
    ▲ In 1983, the “Oriental First Button Market”, Yongjia Qiaotou Button Market, was founded in Wenzhou.
    ▲ In 1984, the first joint-equity cooperative enterprise in China, Ouhai Mountaineering Boots Factory, was set up by 26 farmers who bought their shares voluntarily.
    ▲  In 1984, the “First Farmers’ City” in China, Wenzhou Longgan Town, was built on the funds collected by the local people.
    ▲  In 1986, the first joint-stock urban credit cooperatives in China, Lucheng and Dongfeng Urban Credit Cooperatives, were set up with the funds collected from collectives and individuals.
    ▲  In 1987, the first local laws and regulations for non-public enterprises, “Wenzhou Interim Administrative Procedures for Privately-owned Enterprises”, were promulgated.
    ▲  In 1987, the first statue for a joint-stock cooperative system, “Wenzhou Municipal Interim Regulations Concerning Rural Joint-equity Cooperative Enterprises”, was promulgated.
    ▲  In 1988, the first constitution for joint-equity cooperative enterprises, “Regulations of Qiaodunmen Beer Brewery”, was drawn up.
    ▲  In 1991, the first charted airplane company, mainly managing special-line flights, was set up with a pooled capital by farmers in Cangnan County.
    ▲ In 1991, the first private transnational agricultural corporation, Kanglong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Of Minnesota, USA, was set up.
    ▲  In 1992, the first joint-stock railway in China, the Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, was constructed.
    ▲  In 2003, the first anti-dumpling case was won by Wenzhou Smoking Set Association after China’s accession to the WTO.
    ▲  In 2004, China’s first non-regional private financial group, Zhongrui Group Co., Ltd., was jointly organized by eight non-public enterprises.
    ▲  In 2004, the first highest prize in management, the “National Quality Control Prize”, was won by the non-public enterprises Zhengtai Group.

    溫州新聞網 2005.11
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